Age: 14-19

Duration: 5

Industry: Creative Design

Application deadline: 26/05/2023

Dates: 17/07/2023 – 21/07/2023

Timings: 09:00 – 16:00


Join us for this 5-day virtual work experience opportunity which will take you behind the scenes to show you how we develop brand new chocolate products in the heart of Bournville, Birmingham.

You’ll get to experience the product development process by creating your very own chocolate bar.

To do this you will hear from and work together with a range of people with different skills and careers within our Research and Development department.

Throughout the week we will look at all the areas considered when developing a new product, from idea to shop floor and have sessions on the following:

Learn from Product Developers how we come up with new product ideas? If you could create a product what would it be?
Gather data with the Consumer Scientists to learn if customers like your product
Think about how your product will be made and the role of Process Engineers in this
Use your creativity skills and learn how Packaging Designers develop our packaging and why it is important, to help design your own product pack
Learn about Sales & Marketing and decide how you will advertise your product
You’ll see what it’s like to work within the different teams and work with students from around the country, across the 5 days.

…and if you can show us that you’ve enjoyed your week and learned something new, there’s a certificate for your CV too. (There is even a prize for the group who gives the best presentation when you present your final product idea on the Friday!)

So why not come and join us…

When applying, answer the following questions

Entrepreneur: If you could go back in time and be the person who invented something we use today, what would it have been and why?
Tell me about a time you achieved something you didn’t think you could.
What do you already know about our organisation?
Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

About Speakers for Schools

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