Age: 14-19

Duration: 1

Industry: Manufacturing

Application deadline: 14/04/2023

Dates: 21/04/2023 – 21/04/2023

Timings: 09:30 – 12:30

Within a decade Bentley Motors will transform into a new, sustainable, wholly ethical technology and mobility solutions business. Our mission is to inspire our customers with a magical fusion of craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability. Our Beyond100 strategy pledges to take the lead in sustainable luxury mobility. All of our cars will be hybrid by 2026 and fully electrification by 2030.

When applying, answer the following questions:

Personality: How would your family and friends describe you?

Creative: What would you create if you were given £100,000 tomorrow?

Passion: What cause(s) are you passionate about? Please also explain why.

There has never been a more exciting time to join Bentley. We are transforming, reinventing every aspect of the business, to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility. We’re seeking fresh ideas, diverse perspectives, and innovators to join us on this pioneering journey.

About Speakers for Schools (Bentley Motors)

Having access to leading figures disrupts this pattern and allows state school students to engage with influential people who can share inspiration on pursuing their ambitions and broaden their horizons. That’s why we specifically reach state schools, academies and colleges that have students affected by area deprivation, disadvantage and lack of networks. We’re here to connect the dots and shake up the current system to change the status quo. Our aspirational engagements, put young people in touch with the very best, to spark their ambitions and the belief in what is possible for the future. Speakers for Schools brings together eminent figures of today, from FTSE 100s and arts leaders to CEOs and tenured professors, creating a dynamic network of thousands of school talks and esteemed work experience placements – all for free. So far, we have reached over 1,000,000 students nationwide through our school talks and work experience programme. Speakers for Schools facilitates over 2,500 engagements and placements a year, having reached over a third of all secondary schools and colleges across the UK. Founded by Robert Peston and chaired by Andrew Law with a board of trustees, it is funded by the Law Family Charitable Foundation.