Meet Cara, your insider on the EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation.

She went to school in Essex where her favourite subjects were Engineering, Chemistry and Drama. Now, she’s a Degree Apprentice based in London, helping ambitious businesses transform through new technology.

What’s the EY apprenticeship experience really like?

“There’s a real buzz here around technology. With such a digital revolution taking place in business as well as our personal lives, it’s exciting to work somewhere that’s at the cutting edge of all this change. One of the most surprising things for me has been how friendly and helpful the people are in this firm. From the assessment centre until now, I’ve felt totally supported and really enjoyed the experience.”

What’s been your highlight so far?

“The first one came on my second day, when I met all my new Technology Consulting colleagues at a big departmental meeting. They gave me such a warm welcome – I instantly felt like part of the family. Since then, I’ve met people from so many different backgrounds, both inside EY and on our ADA technology college course. It’s been really enriching to share perspectives and learn from each other.”

What are your top tips for others looking at apprenticeships?

“Pick an area that interests you and you’ll always find new things to discover, improve yourself and stay engaged. A ‘try anything’ attitude will be your greatest friend. I’ve found great opportunities through putting myself out of my comfort zone to network and get involved in things that interest me. Don’t shy away from what you want to achieve, there’s every chance you’ll succeed.”

How it’s structured

Excitingly, you’ll be working in a new growth area for EY, so sometimes you’ll be doing things for the first time as we’re doing them for the first time, too.

After an EY company induction, you’ll join one of our business areas and specialise in either software engineering or data analytics. You’ll start work by helping to solve client problems using technologies like automation, or analysing huge data sets and building insights to present to clients and EY specialist teams. And, since you’ll be studying for a BSc, approximately 20% of your time will be spent at college and 80% will be in our offices. The work and your clients will be so varied that you’ll gain knowledge and skills that will lead to exciting opportunities, once the programme is finished.

Find out more

Visit https://ukcareers.ey.com/students/programmes/apprenticeships/degree-apprenticeship-in-digital-and-technology