How It Works


Why do we need Inspire Me Apprenticeships

The purpose of Inspire Me Apprenticeships is educate, relate and most of all inspire.
Showcasing your apprenticeships on should be case study based. The idea is that young people can read the stories of other young people – your apprentices. It needs to be a real and truthful account of their experiences. The stories are to be full of the facts and answers that young people are looking for.
It can be written in the form of a prose or a question and answer interview. We believe, the more honest and thorough those answers are the more interest you will get to your business.

Turning the audience in to potential candidates for your apprenticeships

The audience (or user), and hopefully your next potential candidate, will be able to contact you directly. You decide how they do that. It can be a link to a specific page on your website which lets them apply online, a telephone number or email address.

Who will see your inspire me stories?

Visitors to will be directed to the separate Inspire Me Apprenticeships site –
Social media campaigns (facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin) will inspire young people and their carers to visit
Teachers and careers advisors will be sent a monthly newsletter with links to the latest case studies
Organic searches to